November 14, 2012


Forest Hills Open is almost here…

by magill
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Here are the maps for the Saturday and Sunday layouts. Saturdays is slightly altered from last year (sorry lefties, it’s not as lefty heavy this year). The course was lengthened a bit and maybe made a touch tougher. Still running at Par 57 and a hearty 5700 feet or so. The course has been marked with marking paint and the pin flags and OB line will be put in by Friday morning at the latest.

As always, PLEASE remember that we are the guests of this park. This is simply a temporary course and we work hard to keep the neighborhood association and parks department happy. If you see trash, pick it up. Be disc golfers please, don’t just disc golf!


Sunday weighs in at at solid Par 60 and 6470′. Ooof. We will have the Sunday layout set out by 8am (maybe 7.30 if we get enough helping hands) and play will begin at 10am.

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