October 3, 2012


BCDC Bag Tag Challenge is here…

by magill
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The initial Bull City Disc Club Bag Tag Challenge will run from Saturday 10/6 (at the October monthly) to 2/2/2013 (the February monthly). The initial distribution of tags will result from a random draw of interested participants prior to the start the October monthly. Bag tags will be reshuffled after the monthly according to placement. If a bag tag participant cannot attend the monthly, the lowest number available will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis based on contact with the bag tag administrator.

 All Tags have been sold!!!

The cost of a bag tag is $10. Contact bag tag administrator Tony Ivey to join. You will receive the lowest numbered bag tag available at the time. $3 covers the cost of the tag while the extra $7 goes towards the end of season prize pool. In order to receive a tag, the bag tag administrator will require your name, phone number, and email address.

Rules will be added to a tab just as soon as Gill can figure out this stupid f’ing WordPress site grumble grumble… clearly it’s not operator error.

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