May 16, 2012


BCDC Update May 16th 2012

by mikep
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BCDC just hosted the Big Valley Challenge which was a big success.  We had 29 players.  The Women’s Global Event was hosted at Valley Springs park that same weekend.  Good weather and good people all made for a fun event.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Cornwallis Doubles is seeing good turnouts every week.  Ace pool keeps getting hit and record scores keep coming in.  Last week we played short /long layout and we had a 17 down shot by Scott R and Marco I.  They broke the old record on that layout which was a 15 down.  Oh yeah Scott had and ace too.    This week Scott R and Justin J shot a 17 down on a long/short layout to tie the record held by a few folks.  We see new faces every week.   Points are updated over in the standing section.

The monthly schedule has been changed.  June’s monthly will be at Hillville.  If you have no idea what that means ask somebody at doubles.  After the Hillville monthly the monthlies will start back over at Cornwallis in July.

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